Women’s Senior Honor Awards 1959-Present

The Women’s Senior Honor Awards are generously endowed by Sally L. Katz C’82, a devoted alumnus and President of the Class of 1982.


Among the oldest traditions at the University of Pennsylvania are the senior class leadership awards. The oldest of them, the Spoon, is documented as early as 1865, when Penn still occupied a campus on 9th street, in Center City, Phladelphia. Today, no fewer than 8 of these distinguished awards are presented on Ivy Day. Elected by their fellow students in recognition of outstanding service to the University community, the receipients of these awards have alw ays included the best and brightest of each graduating class.

The Women’s Senior Honor Awards spawned from Women’s Hey Day which was first celebrated in 1926, six years after the passing of the nineteenth amendment which gave women the right to vote. The ceremony, usually held in Bennett Hall, consisted of an academic procession, the changing of offices, a valedictorian address, as well as the induction of new members into various honor societies. Although women were not eligible for the Spoon, Bowl, Cane and Spade Awards, the following awards were established to recognize the outstanding women in the graduating class.

Hey Day (women's) exercises, 1948

Althea K. Hottel Shield Award

Established in 1959, the first women’s award is named for Penn’s first Dean of Women, educational pioneer Althea K. Hottel. Represented by the Shield, the University’s most recognizable physical symbol, this award honors intellectual competence, commitment to ideals, and loyalty to the University . The Hottell Shield is etched in granite by the carver of your class Ivy Stone to connect it to the present. This award is proudly presented today as the top female award for faithful dedication to the Penn community.

Althea K. Hottel Shield Award

Gaylord P. Harnwell Flag Award

The Harnwell Flag Ward celebrates the tremendous campus growth and diversification of Penn during the 1953-1970 tenure of its namesake, President Gaylord P. Harnwell, who believed that selfless service to the university and the community would impact generations to come. Established in 1969, this award honors Harnwell’s ideals with a Penn flag that continues to “ripple the wind” over College Hall. This award which was flown over College Hall is presented today in honor of President Harnwell’s public service to the University.

Gaylord P. Harnwell Flag Award

David R. Goddard Loving Cup Award

In 1908, when Class Day was combined with Ivy Day, a silver Loving Cup was presented to the University Provost etched with names of dedicated class presidents. Today’s Loving Cup honors former Provost David R. Goddard, who retired in 1969, and is etched with the iconic words of Penn’s most popular song-but not official alma mater, the Red and Blue. This award recognizes seniors’ exemplary service to the University and to their class.

David R. Goddard Loving Cup Award.

R. Jean Brownlee Skimmer Hat Award

The Brownlee Skimmer Hat Award was established in 1977 and commorates one of Penn’s most historic traditions, Hey Dey. The award is named for Dean R. Jean Brownlee, who oversaw the historic merger of the College and the College for Women into the School of Arts and Science as well as the combining of the men’s and women’s Hey Day strolls into a unifying class celebration. The commemorative Hey Day hat, appropriately bitten, is in honor of Dean Brownlee’s enduring legacy of unifying the Penn community.

R. Jean Brownlee Skimmer Hat Award

2021 Senior Honor Award Recipients

Women’s Senior Award Winners 1959-Present



Althea K. Hottel

Gaylord P. Harnwell

David R. Goddard

R. Jean Brownlee

1959 Barbara Foster      
1960 Rosemary Yaecker      
1961 Martha Taylor      
1962 Mireille Lellouche      
1963 Mary Kay Peders
1964 Elsbeth Joyce      
1965 Ellen Casey      
1966 Rebecca Bowers      
1967 R. Barbara Berger / Lynne Miller      
1968 Elizabeth Van Wezel      
1969 Mary Selecky Ellen Cohen Ellen Gordon / Linda Plotnick  
1970 Alice Mann / Mary Sitgraves Rona Zevin Patricia Dinneen  
1971 Miriam Labbok Hope Sukin Judith Teller / Adele Lindenmeyr  
1972 Linda Magoon Claudia Cohen Ann Fleming  
1973 Anita Sama Donna Webster Laureine Knight  
1974 Ruth Ann Price Susan Peikes Holly O’Neil  
1975 Holly James Heidi Solomon Currie Kelly  
1976 Tracy Dibble Ann Kelley Cynthia Chanenson  
1977 Kimberly-Ann Woolwich Rebecca Peikes Alison Bender Kathleen Bell
1978 Trish Brown Ellen Cooper Amy Borrus Lori Goldstein
1979 Kathryn Sklar Maria Shao Debra Silverman Barri Bernstein
1980 Laura Anne Foggan Joanne Wise Charlotte Baron Ruth Cornfeld
1981 Allison Accurso Geralyn Orlovitz Mindy Crandus Ellen Goldberg
1982 Cheryl Saban Barbara Cantwell Carrie Altman Dawn Van Dam
1983 Elizabeth Cooper Jeanne Reich Laurie Dameshek Elizabeth Lombardo
1984 Stephanie Dangel Lori Landew Karen Glass Pam Seidenman
1985 Vicki Bernstein Wendy Platt Carol Turner Karen Barr
1986 Jean Sherman Gena Kutin Jennifer Weiss Renee Solomon
1987 Wendy Ferber Lisa Green Ilana Long Hayley Bryant
1988 Wendy Bloom Jill Kaufman Colleen Buggs Laura Fuller
1989 Suzanna Pappas Traci Miller Megan O’Brien Rachel Greenberger
1990 Linda LaGorga Lynn Halpern Tara Fitzpatrick Farah Jiminez
1991 Miriam (Duchess) Harris Theresa E. Simmonds Jodi Krasilovsky Susan Moss
1992 Barbara E. Lewis Christina Smith Maureen Juliet Hernandez Helen Jung
1993 Allison Bieber Michelle Peluso Lisa Nass Hallie Levin
1994 Jai-Jai Ramsey Lisa Deutsch Jun Bang Kirsten Bartok
1995 Leigh Molinari Jordana Horn Ha Thi Nguyen Tama Weinberg
1996 Tamara Dubowitz Alison Deitch Heather Dorf Lissette Calderon
1997 Abby Close Katinka Domotorffy Rachel Sheibein Kara Blond
1998 Rachel Ehrlich Michelle Millstone Martha Speranza Bethany Rubin
1999 Samara A. Barend Janelle M. Brodsky Sarah B. Gleit Roshini S. Thayaparan
2000 Lisa Marshall Jennifer Brown Lindsay Faber Michele Sacks
2001 Diana M. Caramanico Lipika Goyal Dayna S. Platt Hoa T. Duong
2002 Dana E. Hork Lindsey F. Mathews LaToya J. Baldwin Jennifer Kwon
2003 Julia S. Gottlieb Aviva N. Moster Ella S. Schwartz Rebecca L. Silberman
2004 Meredith M. Seidel Jessica R. Brand Amy M. Potter Aparna Chandrasekhar
2005 Caroline A. Canty Paige Fitzgerald Jennifer J. Choi Imanni P.S. Wilkes
2006 Rachel I. Fersh Caroline Rothstein Hayley M. Gross Sheri E. Halpern
2007 Catherine C. Mark Kate E. Liberman Caroline G. Gammill Alexis Ruby Howe
2008 Sarah R. Abroms Colleen E. Donovan Beth Newton Shirley Liang
2009 Drew Feith Tye Rahima F. Dosani Erica M. Evans Mia Kumagai
2010 Eileen M. McKeown Claire S. Choi Alissa R. Eisenberg Sakina R. Zaidi
2011 Lindsey T. Eatough Janice Y. Dow Wendy J. De La Rosa Rachel R. Romeo
2012 Kathryn J. McCabe Faye G. Cheng Jordan A. Sale Allison S. Zuckerman
2013 Ariela R. Cohen Isabel Friedman Pallavi R. Podapati Lakshmi Sivaguru
2014  Lindsay Y. Tsai Urja R. Mittal Natalie M. Riemer  Tania V. Chairez
2015 Ariel S. Koren Joyce J. Kim Victoria N. Ford Jordyn H. Feingold
2016 Renata M. O’Donnell Julie M. Bittar Jane R. Meyer Mahalatchmi Subramaniam
2017 Temilola M. Ransome-Kuti Hannah E. Fagin Tunmise A. Fawole Olivia S. Nelson
2018 Makayla C. Reynolds Silicia I. Lomax Alexandra P. Rubin Madeline G. Gelfand
2019 Anea B. Moore Savi Joshi Julia L. Pan Candida Alfaro
2020 Carolynne Liu Angelica Du Jordan Andrews Natasha Menon
2021 Mercedes Owens Elizabeth Youshaei Carson Eckhard Michiyah Collins