All student organizations are required to (re)register at the start of the academic year with the Office of Student Affairs. Registration identifies the organization as active and permits them access to University resources with the ability to reserve space, use of electronic resources, use of the Penn name, access to potential funding sources, and permission to advertise themselves as a student-run organization at the University of Pennsylvania.

PennClubs, designed by Penn Labs, serves as the University’s official registration platform and student group management system. In collaboration with the Undergraduate Assembly(UA), the Student Activities Council(SAC) and the Office of Student Affairs, the platform was created to centralize resources and streamline communication for student groups.

Select the appropriate button below to (re)register your student organization. Full access to PennClubs requires pennkey authentication.

With over 600 registered clubs to choose from annually, student groups foster vital student interaction and offer countless opportunities for exploration, personal growth, and development of leadership, communication, and other invaluable skills.  Select PennClubs below to search a list of registered student groups.