Social Planning and Events Committee

The Social Planning and Events Committee is the branch of student government that serves as the student programming board at the University of Pennsylvania. The organization was founded in 1990 to develop, organize and produce campus-wide social and cultural events. SPEC strives to inform, entertain, and cultivate Penn’s diverse population.

SPEC is composed of 9 sub-committees and the Executive board which oversees the entire operation. The sub-committees are: Concerts, Connaissance, Jazz & Grooves , SPEC Film, Art Gallery, SPEC Sound, SPEC-TRUM, Special Events and Spring Fling. For more information, visit the SPEC website.

Co-Sponsorship Opportunities (except lectures)

SPEC has funds set aside for co-sponsoring campus-wide social events with other organizations. In a co-sponsorship, the interested organization and the appropriate SPEC sub-committee plan and produce an event together.

If a group is interested in a co-sponsorship they should complete this form which will be forwarded to the appropriate SPEC sub-committee directors. It is the decision of the sub-committee whether they want to be involved in a joint venture with the interested group.

If the sub-committee directors are interested in the co-sponsorship the two groups will then have to arrange to meet with the Executive board to present a proposal. It is at the discretion of the Executive board to grant monetary assistance, programming expertise, technical help, etc. Co-sponsored programs must include the SPEC logo on all advertising.

The Executive board reserves the right to deny co-sponsorships for the following, but not limited to, reasons:

  • The event conflicts with a previously scheduled SPEC sponsored event or a major University event
  • The event falls under the jurisdiction of another body
  • The cost of the event is excessive
  • The proceeds of the event go to charity
  • The event is beyond the initial planning stages (in this case, see our fully planned guidelines)
  • The event does not fill SPEC’s overall goals and interests.

If the committee directors decide they are not interested in the co-sponsorship, then the student group can contact the SPEC President to discuss other options.

Fully-Planned Opportunities

SPEC fully-planned funds shall be used solely for the purpose of funding campus-wide social events that organizations otherwise would not have the resources to produce. For an event to be considered eligible for fully-planned funding, it must meet the following criteria: the event needs to be completely thought out at the time of the funding request, be open to the entire campus community, and not fall under the jurisdiction of another organization. Here is an online application.

Lecture Co-sponsorships

Lecture co-sponsorships are processed by SPEC Connaissance. Approximately two-thirds of the budget is reserved for annual co-sponsorships (e.g., QPENN, APAHW, etc.). The other one third is for co-sponsoring all other lectures. Any university entity can apply for a co-sponsorship. Since Connaissance is supported by undergraduate funds, however, events must be geared primarily toward undergraduates.

Information on the process and guidelines for planning a lecture and requesting a co-sponsorship with Connaissance.

Please e-mail Connaissance if you have any questions.

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