Individual Payments

See our video here for an explanation of the different payments to individuals who are not affiliated with Penn and contact your FC if you have any questions. Once you’ve determined the type of payment please submit the appropriate form linked below along with the Payment Request Form. These forms should be submitted well in advance of the event so that they can be reviewed and approved prior to the service taking place. Please note that if the individual has not been paid by Penn before they will need to complete an online onboarding process in order to be added as a payee (your FC will provide more details).

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An Honorarium payment is a gratuitous payment of money to a person for the person’s participation in an activity for which no fee is legally required. Honorarium payments are provided as a token of appreciation for participation in an activity or event, and not as a contractual obligation to pay for services rendered.

In lieu of a form please submit documentation/advertisement of the event, e.g., an event flyer.

A Limited Engagement Fee is a payment to an individual (non- employee/faculty, non-student) for providing a service of an academic nature, short duration (i.e., a single session), and/or low dollar amount ($1,000 or less per transaction). This is intended for guest speakers, guest lecturers, artists, performers, writers/editors, board members, critics, preceptors, mentors and/or those services meeting the fee guidelines.

Required Form (select one):

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Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor services are services provided by an individual doing business with the University as a supplier of general services, such as consulting services. Independent contractors typically are not supervised, have control over their work schedule, have a set of skills not found elsewhere within the University, and provide the same or similar services to the general public as part of a continuing trade or business. Use this for high dollar amounts and/or services provided over multiple sessions.

Required Form:

The Guest Travel Reimbursement is used to support travel expense reimbursement for Penn guests. Penn guests receiving an honoraria or award would also use this worksheet for any travel reimbursements.

Required Form: (with receipts)

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