The Senior Honor Awards

The Spoon, established in 1865 at Penn, holds the distinction of being the oldest among the eight Honor Awards. Since its inception, outstanding senior leaders have been annually recognized to receive one of these esteemed awards, which also include the Hottel Shield, Bowl, Harnwell Flag, Cane, Goddard Loving Cup, Spade and Brownlee Skimmer Hat Awards.

Nominations were sought from faculty, staff, and students, with a subsequent selection process by administrators and the Senior Class Board that yielded the finalists on this year’s ballot.

In this online election, which is active until 5pm on Friday (4/12), all members of the senior class are eligible and encouraged to participate in the selection process to choose the eight award recipients for Class of 2024.

The winners will be publicly announced May 2nd.


Class of 2024 Finalists

Click on the image of any of the finalists below to learn more about their involvement on campus!

(listed in alphabetical order by first name)