The Senior Honor Awards

The oldest of the eight Honor Awards, the Spoon was first presented at Penn in 1865. Since then, outstanding senior leaders have been recognized annually by their peers with these awards: the Hottel Shield, Harnwell Flag, Goddard Loving Cup, and Brownlee Skimmer Hat Awards for women, and the Spoon, Bowl, Cane, and Spade Awards for men.

On this ballot are the finalists for the Class of 2023. Nominations were solicited from faculty, staff and students; a committee of administrators and the Senior Class Board then narrowed that list to 15 men and 15 women. 

The senior class will choose the final eight award recipients in this election which runs from April 17th – April 19th.

The winners will be publicly announced on April 27th.


Class of 2023 Finalists

Click on the image of any of the finalists below to learn more about his/her involvement on campus!

(listed in alphabetical order by first name)