Class of 2020

Class of 2020 Penn World Scholars 


Name: Hai Hong Nguyen, Vietnam

Academic areas of interest: Entrepreneurship, History, Finance

Activities and interests: Travelling to see what’s happening in the world with my real eyes and then writing about it, soccer, swimming, and starting small businesses.

Future plans: I want to keep traveling to explore current problems around the world, particularly the current immigration and education problems; by my own eyes. I also want to build a business of my own, a restuarant or food shop in particular. I also want to try a career in finance or management as well. Generally, I am very open to new things.


Name: Abdullah Noaman, Iraq

Academic areas of interest: Physics, quantum physics, math, number theory, philosophy, political science, economics, and business.

Activities and Interests: Scientific research, student government, community service, intercultural communication, publication, and weight lifting.

Future Plans: I aspire to pursue research in physics, specifically in quantum phenomena, and to initiate and participate in ultimate or otherwise constructive solutions to problems in the Middle East.


Name: Arundhati Singh, India

Academic areas of interest: Everything

Activities and Interests: Reading, debate, film, technology, philosophy.


Name: Catalina Elena Dragoi, Romania

Academic Areas of Interest: Politics, Philosophy, Economics, International Relations, Anthropology

Activities and interests: Debating (Mostly within the European Youth Parliament), traveling, writing, reading, listening to music, going to concerts, watching movies, taking photographs, and meeting new people.

Future Plans: Ideally, I would like to work in the UN or NATO, and contribute in one way or another to getting this world as close to universal peace as possible.


Name: Halil Can Memoglu, Turkey

Academic areas of interest: Computer Science, electrical engineering, business/entrepreneurship, computational linguistics, nanotechnology, mathematics, product design, artifical intelligence.

Activities and Interests: Basketball, soccer, reading, literature, entrepreneurship, global politics, linguistics, design, debate, visual art, fiction writing, programming, puzzles, and robotics.

Future Plans: For the most part, I am an inventor and a storyteller. In the future, I hope to go on being a better inventor and a better storyteller. I will explore what it takes to support and realize the dreams of a world.


Name: Khizrah Naveed, Pakistan

Academic areas of interest: Chemistry and Mathematics

Activities and interests: Parliamentary debates and  public speaking,

Future plans: Continuing public speaking at Penn and to join other student clubs.


Name: Marko Lamza, Croatia

Academic areas of interest: Mathematics, finance, and entrepreneurship

Activities and interests: I love public speaking, lacrosse, and traveling.

Future Plans: I plan to starte a podcast and teach people how to make money off of something they love.


Name: Mohammad Oulabi, Syria

Academic areas of interest: Neuropsychology, Psychiatry, Philosophy, Anthropology, Economics, Politics, Artifical Intelligence, Mathematical Logic, and Entrepreneurship.

Activities and interests: Debate, MUN, dry humor, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities.

Future Plans: I plan to go to medical school and become a psychiatrist. I then plan to devote much of my time and effort in helping people in developing countries access basic mental health services and combat mental health stigma. Alternative career plans include a carrer in artifical intelligence.


Name: Priya Darshini Bhirgoo, Mauritius

Academic areas of interest: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and Entrepreneurship.

Activities and
Model United Nations, community service, traveling, hiking, dancing, reading and movies.

Future plans: Improve healthcare through research, set uo my own research firm and contribute to the future development of my country. 

Name: Santiago Herrera, El Salvador

Academic Areas of Interest: Finance, entrepreneurship, economics, global analysis, and philosophy.

Activities and interests: Sports, community service, student council, debate, reading, learning, traveling, and trying new foods.

Future plans: Investment banking, start a business, promote economic advancement in under developed nations, and explore the world.

Name: Simisola Afolayan, Nigeria

Academic areas of interest: Economics, Law, & International relations.

Activities and interests:I am interested in politics and learning languages and I have a lingering regard for bread as I believe it should be an international symbol of peace.

Future Plans: So far, I do not have exact career plans but I find that I might be well suited for a career in Journalism, Economics, Law or International relations.

Name: Sylvia Kimwei, Kenya

Academic Areas of Interest: Nursing Science, Chemistry, Education, and Psychology

Activities and interests: Classical movies, reading novels, and napping.

Future Plans: To be a nurse and start a mental health hospital in Kenya. 


Name: Jamaal Hay, Jamaica

Academic Areas of Interest: Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence

Activities and interests: Student Government, Golf, Tennis, Public Speaking, Drama

Future Plans: Ideally I wish to work at a company such as Google, Microsoft, or Apple after graduation, or any company which does work in robotics. I would also love to work under Elon Musk at either SpaceX or Tesla Motors; He’s one of my idols.