Class of 2018

Class of 2018 Penn World Scholars 


Name: Christelle Nayandi

Country: Rwanda

Academic areas of interest: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Activities and Interests: I am Rwandan traditional dancer. I like swimming, tutoring, and reading.

Future Plans: For now I am thinking of engaging myself in the manufacturing of affordable nanoscale based medical devices. I might also engage myself in the petroleum industry.


: Fabian Sillas Louis

Country: Tanzania

Academic areas of interest: Mechanical engineering and applied science, computer programming and business/economics

Activities and interests: Jazz, Soul and Classic/underground Hip Hop music, movies, muralism/ progressive street art, community service, soccer and basketball.

Future plans: Engineering, Computer programming, Business, Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship.


Name: Amatullah Ndam Njoya

Country: Cameroon

Academic areas of interest: Politics, Economics, International Relations, Music

Activities and interests: Soccer, basketball, songwriting, student government, community service and entrepreneurship. 

Future plans: Contribute to Cameroon’s economic, political and social development. Continue singing and songwriting. 


Name: Red Dimaano

Country: Philippines

Academic areas of interest: Management and Entrepreneurship, Finance, Operations Research, Systems Engineering, Math and Physics, Probability

Activities and interests: Music in many ways (Playing bass for a band, gig organizing, recording, producing, sound engineering, potentially DJ-ing, brainstorming about music-related startups), student governance, event organizing, casual math such as game theory, cars and racing.

Future plans: Create a music-related startup for indie musicians, become a record producer, help alleviate poverty in the Philippines and around the world, drive on the Nurburgring.


Name: Youssef Semlali Yacoubi

Country: Morocco

Academic areas of interest: I would like to study Mathematics, Economics, and Philosophy.

Activities and interest: I have a great interest in experimental cinema and other forms of contemporary visual arts. During my free time, I play sports, volunteer at local associations and learn more about film. During my college career, I hope to be an active member of the Penn community, especially within the International Society.

Future plans: Working in International Development and Social Entrepreneurship.


Name: Sebastian Corina, Paraguay

Academic areas of interest: Business, Finance, International Studies

Activities and interests: Tennis, soccer, skiing, politics, and international relations

Future plans: President of Paraguay


Name: Ramathi Bandaranayake

Country: Sri Lanka

Academic areas of interest: Physics, Literature, Mathematics

Activities and interests: Debating, Model United Nations, drama, community service, hiking, travelling, music, student government, reading, writing, Benjamin Franklin Scholars

Future plans: To pursue postgraduate studies in physics, and use research and writing to enhance public understanding of science


Carl-Oscar Gustafson, Sweden

Academic areas of interest: Multinational Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Psychology and Engineering

Activities and interests: Weight-lifting (fitness), reading, singing, dancing, travelling and self-development

Future plans: To become an international business manager at a tech-oriented innovation company benefiting the lives of millions.


Name: Dagmawit Demere

Country: Ethiopia

Academic areas of interest:

Activities and interests:

Future plans:


Name: Ghinwa Moujaes

Country: Lebanon

Academic area of interests: Mathemetical Economics & Engineering

Activities and interests: Community Service, Scouts, Jogging, Hiking, Dancing

Future plans: Deputee, NGO owner, someone who makes the world a better place 


Name: Thato Nakoesele Moupo

Country of Origin: Botswana

School: The Wharton School

Academic area of interest: Finance, History, Economics

Activities and interests: Biking, Bridge, Outdoors, community service

Future plans: Botswana politics, entrepreneurship