The Sarah Gilfillan Scholarship Fund


Sarah Gilfillan ’03 was an outstanding PennQuest Leader who brought joy and integrity to the program. Sarah is solely responsible for establishing a closing ceremony on the trail. After Penn, Sarah travelled to South America and Mexico and worked with children in developing communities. As Curator of the Fowler Museum, she helped organize an exhibit devoted to HIV/AIDS. Sarah did many things in her short life and was a welcome presence in every situation. This scholarship fund is just one small way we can follow in Sarah’s footsteps and help someone who could use a break. You can learn more about Sarah on the Facebook Group �In Memory of Sarah Gilfillan.

Any PennQuest participant who qualifies for financial aid will receive money towards the cost of the PennQuest program. Based on need that is determined by the Office of Student Financial Services, recipients will receive all or part of the fee. PennQuest is grateful to Russell Kling ’01 who started this fund and was one of Sarah’s leaders when she went on PennQuest. We also appreciate all the donations that have come in since.

To make a donation to the Sarah Gilfillan Scholarship Fund, you can go online to Giving to Penn website and select your donation. Scroll down the list of cultural resources and student life and you will find PennQuest there. Unless otherwise specified, your gift goes straight to these scholarships. You can also send a check written to the Trustees of University of Pennsylvania �PennQuest and mail it to Laurie McCall at 160 Platt House, 3702 Spruce Street, Philadelphia PA 19104-6026.

Questions? Contact Laurie at or 215-898-7038